Red-Eye Tetra

AKA: Lamp-eye Tetra and Glass Tetra

Species/genus: Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae

Family: Characins

Origin: Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and eastern Peru

Adult size: almost 3 inches

Temp: 73 – 82°F

pH: 5 to 8.5

dH: soft to medium hard

Temperament: This is a very peaceful fish that is well suited for a community tank. But do tend to nip fins occasionally.

Numbers: This is a shoaling fish and should be kept in Groups of at least 6

Minimum tank size: 20 gallons

Tank setup: Does well in a planted tank with a large open shoaling area.

Feeding: Omnivorous, will accept mostly anything

Sex: Females are a little larger with a more round shape.

Breeding: Can be difficult. An egg-scatterer. Female scatters the eggs among the plants and gravel. Fry hatch after a couple of days.

Comments: These are hardy and good beginner fish. They tend to like to nip on plants so keep tough or fake plants.

They also tend to pair off when kept in groups. These fish are quite popular and shouldn’t be too hard to find.