Harlequin Rasbora

Photo taken at Aqualand in Hopkins, MN.

Species/genus: Rasbora heteromorpha

Origin: Southeast Asia

Temp: 72 – 88°F (22 – 31 °C)

pH:6.5 dH: Soft

Temperament: Very Peaceful

Adult Size: 1 ½ in (4 cm)

Minimum Tank Size: 5

Feeding: Always hungry, eats all standard Aquarium foods

Breeding: Hard to spawn and not very productive when it does. Spawning requires water with a low pH and very soft with a temperature around 80° F. Only produces about 50 eggs. Hangs it’s eggs from plant leaves.

Comments: A very desirable small and undemanding fish. Harlequins are great schoolers, always active and are made to order for a planted tank. Harlequins can live up to 5 years.