Kissing Gourami

Latin Name: Helostoma temmincki
Origin: Tropical far East or farm raised
Temperature: 70-88°F (21-31°C)
Ease Of Keeping: moderate
Aggressivness: Semi Agreesive
Lighting: moderate to Bright
Adult Size: up to 8 inches (20cm)
Minimum Tank Size: 30
Feeding: Flakes, Frozen or live bloodworms
Spawning Method: Pairing up then eggs float to top

Comments: These are 2 of my 3 Kissing gouramis I have in my 37gal Tank. The tank is only a week old, and still being stocked. So far it has Anachris, Anubis and Willow Moss plants, and a fairly large Pleco who is very peaceful and like a babysitter for the young Gouramis at times. This is a Video of the Kissing action everyone loves. It is said ot be a test of strength. Usually the winner becomes the Big Fish in the tank and tends to boss around others.