Cherry Barb

Species/genus: Barbus titteya

Origin: Sri Lanka

Temp: 75-81°F (24-27°C)

pH: 6 to 8 – not critical
dH: Medium – not critical

Temperament: Peaceful and active but somewhat shy in bright light

Adult Size: 2in (5cm)

Minimum Tank Size: 5 gallon

Feeding: Omnivorous – eats everything

Breeding: Scatters eggs throughout the tank, with up to 300 eggs produced. The parents will eat the eggs if not protected. The eggs should be kept in the dark while incubating.

Comments: An excellent beginners fish. The male will turn “cherry” red when ready to spawn, hence the name “Cherry Barb”. A small peaceful easy to spawn fish. The fry are very small and require the tiniest foods for the first week. See Fry Food for more info.

Cherry Barbs © Katie, AKA Bungalobetta

Added By: Shona
I have 4 of these fish and they are very friendly. I haven’t noticed them fight with each other either. They even clean some algae of the plants too. They school with the white clouds I have, but also swim on their own sometimes. Very peaceful fish. Their colour stands out more with darker gravel.