Pygmy Rasbora

Latin Name: Boraras maculatus (formerly Rasbora maculatus)
Common Names : Pygmy Rasbora, Dwarf Rasbora, Spotted Rasbora
Origin: Malaysia and Singapore
Minimum Tank Size: 5 gallons, 20 liters
Adult Size: 1 Inch, 2.5cm
Temperature Range: 75-80°F, 24-27°C
Ease Of Keeping: Medium
Aggressivness: Not at all, a very timid fish
Feeding: Usual fish foods, just smaller bites

Comments: This beautiful fish is one of the smallest aquarium fish available, it is really tiny. Adults barely get to one inch in total legth. Kept in a group of 6 or more the Pygmy Rasbora will form a nice school, and be much more active and happy. This fish is easy to feed and keep, but spawning such a tiny fish is very difficult, the fry will require the tiniest of live foods. Pygmies prefer acidic water in the 5 to 6.5 pH range and little or no hardness.

This is an excellent fish for the nano planted tank.