Mosquito Larvae Free Live Food

If you want to provide your aquarium fish with some of the most nutritious and natural food available, setup your own Mosquito Larvae culture.
Simple And Easy!
mosquito larvae All you need is an old barrel, bucket, or any container that will hold water. Fill it with water and let it sit for a couple of days to dissipate the chlorine. Get a piece of old stockings or panty hose (this allows for easy removal later), stuff the stocking with a little lettuce, apple, or just about any fruits or vegetables (but nothing beats watermelon rind). Again let it sit for a while, this time for about a week. The container should be teeming with Mosquito Larvae. Now you can remove your stuffed stocking and strain the water through a net to collect all the “skeeters”, feed the fish all they want and freeze the rest for later feedings.

Culturing Tips
Mosquito Close-up Don’t let the culture go too long without straining the “skeeters” out, else you’ll become the live food; if you notice a lot of the Larvae look like they have “big heads”, it’s time to immediately strain the water and collect them before they mature into real live flying Mosquitos.
There’s no need to refresh the stuffing, the stinkier and more putrid the better. As long as there’s some left, keep using it.
If you want to check up on the progress of your culture look for tiny little “egg rafts”, they look just like little pieces of bark floating in the water.

Fantastic Food
Live Mosquito Larvae are one of the best all around fish foods for the smaller types of Aquarium fish. Bettas, Guppies and Killifish absolutely love them. Try this easy to get live food and give your fish a special treat.