Giant Gourami

Common Name: Giant Gourami

Latin Name: Osphronemus gorami

Origin: Southeast Asia – Found in medium to large rivers and stagnant water bodies including sluggish flowing canals

Temperature: 70-86°F 21-30°C

Aggressivness: They are generally peaceful. When they are young they will fight with there own kind, but as they get older they ussually calm down alot. But remember, these are very big fish, and like many other fish this size they will eat smaller fish.

Adult Size: up to 24+ inches 60 cm

Minimum Tank Size: BIG

Feeding: They are not very picky eaters. Besides offering them regular fish foods, they will even eat cooked meat, bread, boiled potatoes and other vegetables. Feed brine shrimp (either live or frozen) or blood worms as a treat.

Spawning Method: Like most fish in this family, the Giant Gourami are bubble nest builders. The male will build a ball-shaped nest out of bits of plants just below the surface of the water. Their eggs as well as the fry, are lighter than water and float to the top.To sex these fish you look at the dorsal and anal fins the males are longer and more

This is a very large fish, the 24 inches is correct and if kept in good condition they can exeed that length. These fish are fairly common and pretty inexpensive. These are beautiful fish that require tons of tank space.

Breeding the gourami:
This fish is difficult to breed because of size. If a pair does breed, the eggs will be laid in a bubble nest previouslly built by the male. To get them to breed you should feed the pair live or frozen brine shrimp for a few weeks then seperate the male and female for a few days; then put them in a spawning tank that is ¾ full, and has plenty of floating plants. Set up a breeding tank about a week before breeding to establish food cultures for fry. Raise the temperature to 82°F and make sure the tank is covered. Let the parents raise the fry.