How to Stop Corals Stinging Each Other

How to Stop Corals Stinging Each Other

Corals can be carnivorous and tend to sting each other. They have stinging cells which emit very poisonous venom which is capable of killing humans. So before we talk about corals stinging each other, let us give warning to aquarists: be cautious of corals stinging you. They may look like a plant but they are known to sting just like a bee! Any new soft corals must not be put too close to these stinging corals. Soft corals usually do not sting each other even if placed close to each other.

So how do we stop corals stinging each other? First, we need to know why they sting each other. Corals sting if they feel their survival is threatened by the presence of another coral. They usually compete for space, nutrients and sunlight. Corals are territorial in behaviour and they need to be kept well apart so that they do not sting each other.

Stinging corals need to be placed quite some distance away from one another so that they do not come into contact with each other. This must be done bearing in mind that the corals will grow and space that was ample today, may not necessarily be ample tomorrow.

When corals sting each other, they can kill each other. Once you see that your corals are growing and extending sweepers to each other attempting to sting, move them apart before they sting each other. This illustration emphasizes that you need to have a spacious tank for your corals, and that you also need to practice proper stocking of them. Proper stocking will reduce competition and prevent tendencies of aggression by corals. When you place your corals in your tank, always take into consideration that they will grow.

There is a possibility that one coral will tip over and land right on top of another coral. This “tip-over tendency” must be reduced. If this happens, the corals may burn each other and one or both may actually die. Another factor that can lead corals to have an aggressive tendency to sting each other is stress. Coral stress can be caused by inadequate sunlight, improper water pH and too high or too low water temperatures.

To avoid corals being aggressive and stinging each other, all reef parameters must be kept normal. In actuality, the best thing to do is to keep corals apart. If the population is increasing, consider getting a second or larger tank.