gardneri killifish breeding

Last updated: September 28, 2022

A Male Misaje

Origin: Africa

Temp: 68 – 77°F (20 – 25°C)

pH: 6 – 7.5 dH: Soft

Temperament: Males might sometimes fight. 2 males in the same aquarium will often fight, but if you have a group of males they will usually get along.

Adult Size: Up to 2 1/2 in (6.5cm)

Minimum Tank Size: 1 gallon to 2 1/2 gallon bowl for a trio

Feeding: Best results with live foods, but will accept frozen and some dry food.

Breeding: A Switch Spawning Killifish, with about a 2 week incubation period in water and 3 weeks in moist peat.

Comments: Fundulopanchax Gardneri Misaje is a Switch Spawning Killifish from Africa. Misaje is the most colorful of the easy to keep Gardneri complex of African Killies. It gets to up to a little over 2 and a half inches long (6.5cm). Will thrive in most normal aquarium conditions including temperatures from 68 to 77° F (20-25C) and any moderate pH and dH, but prefers soft and slightly acidic water for spawning. Misaje will accept most aquarium foods including live, frozen and even some dry foods.

A pair or trio can be comfortably kept in a 2.5 gallon tank. While Misaje are usually peaceful the males are sometimes rough with a single female and if only 2 males are in a tank they will tend to fight. When keeping just about any Killifish it is better to keep either 1 male to a tank or 3 or more to a tank for this reason.