Custom Saltwater Aquariums – Aquascaping

Currently aquariums have become the most adopted hobby around the world. With more than sixty million aquariums sold worldwide!

People after initially establishing their aquariums start to further improve the ecology of their aquariums making them appear more natural to the marine environment… This is known as aquascaping…

Aquascaping is achieved by adding marine plants and rocks to the aquarium, especially saltwater aquariums.

Before undertaking the task of aquascaping, it is essential to know and understand the ideal living requirements of your wet pets occupying the tank… This requires an in-depth knowledge which can be acquired with some effort… This can help you create the “almost perfect” replica of your fish’s natural habitat.

Using real plants in a saltwater tank adds a tremendous beauty and has a very calming effect on the overall surroundings. But there can be problems if you have a tank full of fish that love to munch on those plants! Your plants will most likely not be destroyed if this is the case! The other alternative is to buy artificial plants… These are commonly available and look almost genuine and the fish will have no interest in munching on a piece of plastic!

Driftwood has become a v well liked ad-on for the saltwater fish tanks. The driftwood can carry a large price tag, which can lead tank owners scavenging at the beach for any piece of driftwood they can find… Anyone who finds a nice piece of driftwood should be advised that putting it directly into the aquarium can lead to severe consequences for the driftwood itself… It should be kept in a separate tank for at least a fortnight or till such time the salt level of both the tanks matches. It is also very essential to clean the Driftwood well and secure it to the bottom of the tank with the help of some rocks.

There are some guiding principles for adding rocks and these must be kept in mind when decorating your aquarium… Most importantly that you should not add rocks with jagged edges as they might injure your fish… When making a grotto with the help of rocks, be sure to glue them together with silicone based glue, this will avoid falling rocks which very commonly dwell in the caves. Never add soft rocks as they disintegrate gradually.

To add an acknowledgement to your effort some people like to enter their aquariums in aquarium competitions… This can be great fun and a great way to push you towards your goals of the perfect looking aquarium!