Clownfish Families

Many people are familiar with famous fish in the world like Little Nemo and his clownfish friend, and their fascinating relationship with the sea anemone. However there is more to learn about the clown fish, other than the “clowning around” that so many people seem to be aware of. For example, young clowns like the Percula and Ocellaris fish are also known as “False” clownfish, as is the Maroon (Tomato), among others. As clown fish grow and mature, a group will form a pod which resembles a family of some sort.

It is so interesting how these clown fish live and multiply. A pod of clown fish is typically comprised of two to six fish. Within the pod, fights will begin as the fish struggle for supremacy. The most aggressive and usually the largest clown fish of the pod will transform into a female fish. The second largest fish will turn into the male and the remaining clowns will be “young” adults. If the male dies or disappears, his place will be taken over by the second largest fish. Very interesting indeed!

This is the hottest part of the story! If the female dies or leaves the pod, the male being the largest and most dominant will grow and mutate into a female. The remaining largest fish of the “young” adults then mutates into a male. Well it’s unbelievable, but truth is stranger than fiction.

Of all fish in salt water aquariums, clown fish are the most adored and loved by salt water aquarists. They are loved mainly because of their fascinating personalities and bright colours and also because they make an interesting symbiotic relationship with anemones.

One of the most interesting things of having a reef tank is watching your clowns frisk in their anemone. Bear in mind that your baby clown fish have never lived with anemones before and it may take them some time to get used to the idea. Nothing is easy at first. Well, have fun clowning around with your clown fish.