Bio-Spira (Freshwater)

I purchased a bag of Bio-Spira from Marineland Labs. I have 2 ten gallon tanks. Both had Whisper 10 HOB filters already running, all-glass aquarium heaters set at 79, and the water was treated with Aquasafe and had already set for a few days, and one tank had some ‘bronze’ plant and the other a big leafy plant. I purchased the packet and kept it refridgerated. When I was ready to put it in, I took an empty unused shot glass and shook up the packet of Bio-Spira and poured it into the shot glass so I could evenly dispense of the packet(I got the bag for 30 gallons Freshwater) and I left the tank alone and topped off only with dechlorinated water. I added fish later and now I have somewhere between 1-20 PPM of NitrAtes. This product saved me lots of time by shortcutting the cycling process. However, you have to be careful that you don’t kill the bacteria and read the directions carefully. Other then that, It worked for me and I’ve had no problems as of yet.

Added By: nashnut
I’ve been using Bio-Spira for several months and am extremely pleased with the results. It was a life saver recently when I decided to remove 22 fish from the tank as well as trim all the plants…oops… my readings went sky high from 0-0-10. I quickly put in another package and within a short period of time was back to 0-0-10.