Are Mbuna Cichlids Easy to Keep?

Last updated: September 29, 2022

Mbuna cichlids are some of the most popular fish in the hobby, and for good reason. They are colorful, active, and easy to care for. But how easy is it to keep an mbuna?

There are several reasons why Mbuna cichlids have become so popular over the years. First, they’re very colorful and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Second, they are hardy enough to live in a wide range of water conditions. Third, they are relatively easy to breed. Finally, they can be kept by both beginners and advanced aquarists alike!

If you’ve ever seen them in an aquarium store or at a local pet store, then you know that they come in many different colors and sizes. Their colors range from black, blue, red and white to orange, yellow and turquoise. Some even have spots or stripes on their bodies! The males are also very colorful.

Mbuna Cichlids are very active swimmers, which means that you need a tank with plenty of room for them to swim around freely. You should also make sure that there are plenty of hiding places for them so they can rest when they want to do so.

Mbunas do best when kept in aquariums with lots of rocks and caves for them to hide in when they feel threatened. They are also territorial and will defend their territory against other Mbunas that attempt to invade it.

Aquarium Size: Mbunas should be housed in groups of at least three fish but preferably more than five if possible so they can be kept in larger tanks without any problems or aggression between them or towards other fish species that may try to enter their territory.