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Sharon Wrote:
This is a 5 1/2 gal. tank with about 6 lbs. of live rock and some aragonite crushed coral on the bottom. I have an airstone under the live rock and a small Hagen sponge filter in one corner. There is also some caulerpa in there. I also have a couple of damsel fish and 2 zebra legged hermit crabs (I think this is what they are. There legs are black/white). This tank has been running about 1 month and is beautiful. I am so pleased, I am going to change my betta breeding tank into saltwater.

Sharons salty 5 Sharons salty 5

John Wrote:
Hello there, I really enjoyed your article, I have had a couple of 5 gallon salt water tanks myself for over 9 years. I started using them back when they said it couldn’t be done. You said that you couldn’t find any protein skimmers that would work on the tank. I used the power protien skimmer that you use to be able to buy that hung on the back of the tank I bought them real cheap from a pet store that I use to go to regularly because they thought that they wouldn’t work, but after doing a little bit of converting on them by running the air hose threw the top of the skimmer it did a real nice job and and have even converted a couple of hanging power filters that do a great job. You also said something about algae growing and keeping it in check I took care of this problem bye introducing Sailfin Mollies into the tank and has worked great for me they have even bred for me and the fry are great to fed to my black Volitan since they live a longer period in salt water than most feeders ( well I have to get rid of the fry some how, can only give so many to pet stores) thanks for your time and keep the good work up and will help people get into salt water that can normally not afford it.

I get as much joy from my 5 gallon tanks as I do my 150 gallon salt. Just remember that the mollies need to be slowly changed over to salt water I have found that putting them in a 5 gallon bucket filled about a 1/4 full and adding about 5-10 % salt water every half hour to one hour until the water is equal to the of the tank even though you could put them right into a 50% brackish solution then into the tank, but the other way allows for healthier fish.

Alison Wrote:
I just wanted to drop a line to you about your 5 gallon saltwater. I have almost the same setup going in my bathroom, plus one more blue damsel. It has been going pretty well. There was a set of coral banded shrimp in there that didn’t make it though. I would like to keep in touch, and see how you progress and mine compare. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one wanting to make such a small saltwater. My best local saltwater shop wasn’t very sure that it was going to make it.

My bathroom tank really dosen’t have any true filtration system on it, just live rock. That seems to be doing the job quite well. I keep the air and water circulation going with just a regular Elite799 pump. Right now the only light that is on it is pure sunlight through the bathrooms frosted window. So, I don’t have a lot of algae growth, I’ve only had to wipe the inside of my tank once since it has been up and running. I have been looking into moving everyone into a 10 gal. so that I can get a pair of clowns rather than my damsels that are there right now. That is just a fleeting thought for right now though. I have to spend some time on a new tank purchase that was just made…….a 94 gal. corner tank.

Troy Wrote:
Glad to see more small saltwater tanks running. It’s funny I always see people scoffing at the idea of a small saltwater setup.
But the fundamentals are the same only on a smaller scale (sometimes easier) Some Live rock, live sand, cycling the tank, not over feeding, etc
I actually started my 5 ½ gallon with 2 PJ Cardinals and some live rock because I thougt I might have a few too many in the main tank.
I love the small tank. The only things you have to stay on top of are temperature and evaportion (Salinity). Made me feel better about my small setup discovering other small saltwater tankers
Great work guys