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Walmart - Newburgh, NY

Shop Address: Rt.300
Shop Website:
Reviewed By: Stephanie
Date Of Review: March/2006
Overall: Poor
Times Visited: More Than Ten Visits
Freshwater Selection: Poor
Saltwater Selection: Fair
Stock Selection: Fair
Staff: Poor
Prices: Fair
Comments: Walmart mistreats their Bettas. They keep their Bettas in plastic containers that aren't large enough. They only feed their Bettas once or twice a week. And they are kept in a book shelf where some of them don't see light. They are not labeled correctly, almost all the Bettas are labeled male but if you look closely you can tell they're not all male. Most of the fish have just enough water to barely cover them. Some of them you can barely tell whether their dead or alive. The only way to tell is if you move the container and see if it responds. If you can, buy a Betta from Walmart or find a way to help.
By Clint
If you see conditions such as this, please be sure to alert the manager.

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