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Walmart - Marysville, WA

Shop Address: 8924 Quilceda Blvd
Reviewed By: Chrissy
Overall: Fair
Times Visited: More Than Ten Visits
Freshwater Selection: Fair
Saltwater Selection: No Saltwater Section
Stock Selection: Good
Staff: Fair
Prices: Very Good
Comments: I only visit this Walmart at night (it is a 24 hour superstore) so I can only comment on the staff there durring midnight to 3am. They are primarily there to stock the department but they are all friendly guys and try to help out although it is obvious that they are not interested in fish at all. I have only bought a fish out of their tanks once, a small Angelfish. The stocker had problems catching it and then accidently dropped it into the sink while he was trying to transfer it to the bag. I know he was doing his best with what limited training he had to go on.
Generally I would not buy fish out of the tank at this store. The Angel had only been in there for a couple of hours and I made it an exception because it was so unusually beautiful. It later died.
This store has had an ongoing Ick outbreak for over two months now. With Ick being easy to diagnose and treat, I do not understand why no one has taken action. Many fish are sold quickly enough that they can be easily treated but some fish, especially the Oscars for whatever reason, are dying in the tanks from the parasite. They are so heavily encrusted with Ick that their gills are clogged up and they lay in a pile in the back corner of the tank gasping for air. Some other fish seem more immune to the parasite, if you look into the tank it will be obvious which fish you should avoid. Every Thursday new fish arrive in reasonably healthy condition but as the week progresses they get worse and worse. If you really want to buy fish here, get them late Thursday night or Friday morning.
Oddly enough, other than the massive ongoing Ick problem, this Walmart takes alright care of their fish. Dead fish are promptly cleaned out, Betta cups are cleaned at least once a week, and the tanks themselves look clean. They have two breeder nets in each tank that they keep some Bettas in, you would be better off buying one from a cup because of the Ick outbreak. I haven't seen any fancy Bettas here but they've had some pretty Veiltails and they almost always have some plakaty looking but plain females. They have a Betta care sheet posted which has pretty decent information on it.
This store doesn't sell any live plants except for the dried, pre-packaged Lily and Apon bulbs. I only have about a 50% sprout rate with these but what did sprout was very attractive and the Apons grow very quickly. At less than $3 for about 5 Apon bulbs, I'm willing to accept the low sprout rate.
They don't carry a ton of supplies but they have what the average person would need. They carry several tank kits which are very reasonably priced and the usual selection of accessories. I do wish they had a wider variety of foods.
All in all, if the store could fix their Ick problem, it wouldn't be so bad. Until then, I would avoid buying anything out of the tanks.
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