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Tong's Fish World

Location: West Covina, CA 91790
Shop Address: 410 N. Azusa Ave
Reviewed By: nine0nine
Date Of Review: September/2005
Overall: Very Good
Times Visited: Two to Four Times
Freshwater Selection: Very Good
Saltwater Selection: Good
Stock Selection: Very Good
Staff: Good
Prices: Good
Comments: This is a big shop. Huge selection of fish, tanks & stands, and supplies. The tanks are well maintained and most of the fish are in good health. Prices are a bit higher than some of the LFS I've visited but still lower than the national chain stores. And the prices aren't really negotiable.
Name : Rob
Msg : This is where I get to finally speak about this shop. Have you ever tried to go in and talk seriously about purchasing an aquarium or ask several questions about their fish. I tried first to ask about aquarium prices on a 240 gallon acrylic. The guy "kid" that runs the shop seemed somewhat interested until one of his friends showed up. The next thing I know is he is sitting outside smoking a cigarette and talking to his friends. So I was frustrated but I stayed around to get more info. Well that was a waste of my time. I finally found my tank at Goldfish Plus on Grand in Covina. Well I went back to Tongs a week later to talk about either buying another tank or starting a reef tank. Well, unfortunately I must have interrupted their poker game because they were very pissed that I had questions about eco systems versus other filtration. I could not get them to make eye contact nor answer a question with any attention. This place is a joke and employees just seem like they are there to make beer money.


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