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The Hidden Reef

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Shop Address: 9255 Roosevelt Blvd.
Reviewed By: FelixTCat
August 2005
Overall Rating: Excellent
Times Visited: Once
Freshwater Selection: Excellent
Saltwater Selection: Excellent
Stock Selection: Excellent
Staff: Very Good
Prices: Good
Comments: I was taken to The Hidden Reef by a friend. They are a pretty amazing Aquarium Store! Pretty much if they don't have it or can' get it, it can't be had. The staff was courteous and quick to respond. I can't speak to their knowledge as I didn't really have any questions.
I will definitely be frequenting The Hidden Reef!
Added By: Serian
I have been to the hidden reef about four or five times now. I have purchased two fish, a few live plants and one 55 gallon tank stand over various trips. Not only is their stock amazing but the prices are to die for! Definitely a diamond in the rough as far as philly fish stores go.
Added By: Dolphy
I've been to the Hidden Reef many times and I've never been let down yet no matter what I was looking for. They have a great selection of salt and freshwater fish that are always healthy. Equipment and live plant selection is also very good. I bought my 90 gallon set up from them and they delivered it for me with no problems! Definitely worth the trip. A+ in my book.
Name: jl
Comments: I regret to inform you all that The Hidden Reef was destroyed by fire late last year. It is a terrible loss to the Philadelphia area. There are fundraisers being held to help them rebuild as I believe that they did not have the type of insurance to cover such an overwhelming tragedy.

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