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The Fish Gallery

Location: Dallas, TX
Shop Address: 6955 Greenville Ave.
Shop Website:
Reviewed By: Ernie McAnally
Date Of Review: September/2005
Overall: Excellent
Times Visited: Once
Freshwater Selection: Very Good
Saltwater Selection: Very Good
Stock Selection: Excellent
Staff: Excellent
Prices: Good
Comments: These guys run a tight ship and everything is very well taken care of. Shaw is a real credit to the hobby. They also support local hobbyist and clubs by hosting meetings and sponsoring activities. Very healthy fish and plants. A joy to visit.
Name : Carol
Msg : I agree whole-heartedly! Having purchased many fish from Fish Gallery, I am an avid follower of theirs! I've sent many of my friends (and a few strangers) there. Their knowledge of fish, plants and set-ups is far superior to any place I've been yet, and I've been all over Texas!

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