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Super Pet - Plymouth, Massachusetts

Shop Website: NONE
Reviewed By: Caveman
Date Of Review: November/2005
Overall: Fair
Times Visited: More Than Ten Visits
Freshwater Selection: Fair
Saltwater Selection: No Saltwater Section
Stock Selection: Good
Staff: Fair
Prices: Poor
Comments: This pet store is privately owned and for the general idea well cared for. There are so many fish tanks, it is a little silly. Probably too much for them to completely take care of, in my opinion. The tanks that are spotted for illness are treated and not sold. They have turtles, two ponds, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, lizards, and frogs. They have a few really big fish including a huge pacu that really needs in my opinion it's own pond. Some of the tanks might have dead fish but I haven't seen many. They do carry painted glassfish, which surprised me because the staff is fairly knowledgeable. They have a few aquarium plants to choose from, all of which have snails. I bought hornwort their and now my tank is infested, because I did not take the necessary precautions.
Lots of things are over priced. You could probably do better some where else.
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