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Petsmart - Kentwood, Michigan

Shop Address: 28th St at East Paris
Reviewed By: Chuck R.
Date Of Review: September/2005
Overall: Good
Times Visited: Five to Ten Times
Freshwater Selection: Fair
Saltwater Selection: No Saltwater Section
Stock Selection: Very Good
Staff: Fair
Prices: Fair
Comments: They have feeder goldfish and rosy reds, which I use for cycling tanks. They are often short-staffed, especially during busy hours. They no longer stock sponge filters. Tanks are clear and fish look healthy but there are always a few tanks with dead fish. They have a good selection of fw plants. Very good selection of aquarium supplies: hoods, light bulbs, food, decorations, filters, air stones, plastic plants, etc. Though their epoxy decorations are really expensive, just like other fish stores. ($35 for some.) I never see ghost shrimp here, or other shrimp, but sometimes they have different types of fiddler crabs or hermit crabs.
They also have a limited selection of reptiles and small mammals.
I go here if a closer LFS does not have what I need as far as equipment goes.
Name: Jamin Rollin
Comments: The fish always seem to be healthy, but I don't trust them. And there's ALWAYS dead fish. The reptile and rodent cages are apalling, and so I figure EVERYTHING shouldn't be trusted. The staff is always bored and lazy when you ask a question, maybe just undertrained, except for one brunette girl that has been there for years. I buy my Eukanuba for my cats there since it's cheapest. I scan the fish, and always err on the side of caution, and chose not to buy. If others have not had problems with fishy ailments, I may reconsider my original paranoia. Anyone have positive remarks?

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