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Petsmart - Everett, Wa

Shop Address: 1130 SE Everett Mall Way, Everett, Wa, 98208
Shop Website:
Reviewed By: Kevin
Date Of Review: February/2006
Overall: Fair
Times Visited: Two to Four Times
Freshwater Selection: Good
Saltwater Selection: No Saltwater Section
Stock Selection: Very Good
Staff: Poor
Prices: Good
Comments: This is the newly opened Petsmart in Everett, Wa. The store is clean, and does not smell. They have the best Petsmart stock I have seen, with some rarer hard to find fish. Like all the Petsmarts around here, no saltwater. It is a great place for supplies, but the prices are a bit on the high side sometimes. The staff here doesn't know much about fish at all, and don't know how to catch and bag fish properly. For a chain store I really like this one, they keep thier aquariums clean. And I think I have only seen one dead fish. All the fish in my 50 gallon aquarium are from here, because of the location, and the care. It is nice to have a petco just across the street, so you can compare selection, price stock, with out wasting gas money.
Overall a good chain store, probably the best in the area.
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