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720 S State Route 59 # 112, Naperville, Illinois
Reviewed By: Chimuelo
August 2005
Overall: Excellent
Times Visited: More Than Ten Visits
Freshwater Selection: Excellent
Saltwater Selection: Excellent
Stock Selection: Fair
Staff: Good
Prices: Fair
Comments: Petland is a decent sized shop with nice variety of plants, fresh/salt fishes and saltwater inverts. Some staff members are very knowledgable while others are high school kids.
Petland does not stock a lot of aquarium supplies. Item prices are little high compared to nearby Petco and Petsmart. Nonetheless, this is an excellent shop in the Naperville/Aurora area. Definitely worth checking out.
I buy most of my plants and fishes from there. The shop is usually pretty busy because so many kids come to see the puppies.
Added By: Eric Schreiber
Comments : I'd like to second Chimuelo's review and add to it. From the outside, this looks like the standard hole-in-wall Petland, with puppies and noisy children. At the back, though, is one of the better fish departments in the Chicago area. Oustanding salt and very good freshwater sections, as well as a large assortment of plants.
Hardware prices seem a bit high, but the livestock is very well priced and healthy. One of the store owners is the enthusiast behind the fish department, and he can usually be found looking harried and busy, but willing to answer questions.
Since finding this store, I buy pretty much all my livestock (freshwater) there. Highly recommended if you can manage to work your way through the crowd around the dogs and ferrets.


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