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Petco - Santa Clarita, CA

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Reviewed By: Susie
Date Of Review: November/2005
Overall: Fair
Times Visited: Five to Ten Times
Freshwater Selection: Poor
Saltwater Selection: Fair
Stock Selection: Very Good
Staff: Poor
Prices: Good
Comments: I know this Petco has already been reviewed, but I want to add my two cents. Not only should you not ever buy live freshwater fish from this store, if you are a fish lover you should write to Petco's corporate headquarters about the horrible conditions the poor fish are subjected to in this store. I have written two letters so far.
It is very close to my home so I often go there if I need an emergency supply, but as a general rule I refuse to give my money to this shop. They have a great selection, which makes the conditions even sadder, but if you look at the tanks you will see tons of dead fish. This is particularly true for some of the less expensive freshwater fish like guppies and platies. Last time I went there were AT LEAST 30 dead guppies in one of the tanks. As I was watching one guppy, that was clearly ill and should have been separated, died in front of me. Its a tragic waste of beautiful fish.
As with the other reviewer, I complained to the store management and was told that it was a "fresh shipment." Don't be fooled, they get their fish on Tuesdays but no matter what day I've gone on its always the same. As many as 90% of their tanks contain dead fish.
The worst part is that they just leave the dead fish in there and take them out at the end of the day-or end of every few days. Depending on why the fish are dying this is not only gross to look at but it endangers the health of the other fish. Since (like most pet stores) their water source for all the tanks is shared, the diseases spread rapidly. Thier short term solution is to put bottom feeders in the tanks with the most deaths and then tell customers who ask that the deaths are unavoidable but are good for the various bottom feeders to eat. This is just one of the "lines" they pass on to consumers. Although I'm sure there are some exceptions, the information given by their staff is generally inaccurate. I've even intervened on a few occassions, such as when a salesperson told a woman with small children that a few mollies would be perfect for her childrens' fish bowl (with no filtration or heating!!!). They will basically say yes to whatever they think will get you to buy their fish-including saying that completely incompatible species will be fine together or that the tank setup you describe will be "fine" for the fish.
I'm sorry for my rant, but everytime I go into this shop I wind up storming out and wishing I could rescue every fish and take it with me. The few times I've tried to rescue a few they have died within days. I hate seeing living creatures treated so irresponsibly just because they aren't thought of as "real pets".
Anyway-as you can probably tell-my recomendation is to avoid this shop completely.

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