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Petco - Providence RI

Shop Address: N. Main St. Providence RI
Reviewed By: FishMom
Date Of Review: March/2006
Overall: Fair
Times Visited: More Than Ten Visits
Freshwater Selection: Fair
Saltwater Selection: Good
Stock Selection: Good
Staff: Good
Prices: Fair
Comments: My first fish purchase was two fantail goldfish and one pleco. They are still alive and okay, but sometimes the goldfish rub themselves against the decor inside of my tank, as if they are itchy.
The second purchase was an African Dwarf Frog, calico fantail goldfish, and black moor. The second batch of fish and frog was dead in less than a week. They seemed healthy at the store but died quickly. The black moor literally rotted away in just two days. These fish had to be sick before I bought them because the first three are still okay.
I purchased two male bettas from this store and they are doing great! I guess their separate habitat and net etc. make a difference.
I often visit this pet store for supplies and just to check out the stock. Lately many of their tanks contain dead fish and very sick looking fish. There was recently a batch of Celestial Eye goldfish that was covered with sores, not quarantined. I am limiting my goldfish to the two I have plus the pleco, to keep diseases at bay.
The staff at this store is knowledgeable, but the fish- esp. the goldfish- all look sick.
The saltwater fish all look pretty good.
Prices and care products are good, store is set up nice. Petco, take better care of your fish!
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