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Petcetera - Victoria, British Coloumbia, Canada

Shop Address: Tillicum
Reviewed By: aqualove
Date Of Review: October/2005
Overall: Good
Times Visited: More Than Ten Visits
Freshwater Selection: Good
Saltwater Selection: Poor
Stock Selection: Fair
Staff: Very Good
Prices: Good
The big chains can be the lowest quality, and this Petcetera definitely has had its horrible moments (male bettas all together in their plant tank - I saw it when I was 7 and made a complaint!), but I must admit it's doing well right now.
They just got a new livestock manager that went to school for marine biology and has incredible expertise with all fish, fresh and salt (bred discus, traveled to Africa to learn more about its Cichlids). Some of the other workers are very experienced, though there are a few that aren't quite sure what they're doing. I have heard them refuse to sell a number of fish to certain tanks (ie. no plecos in anything less than a 45 gallon, no goldfish to bowls, single tetras etc.) Their understanding of cycling tanks, planted tanks, and fish compatibility all seem to par.
They're also good about returns/exchanges/refunds. They do have this buy 1 fish get 1 for free scam (the prices of the fish are much higher though- $3.99 for neons), but on a monthly basis do a buy one get two free deal on fish AND plants.
I have lately shopped there quite often for my fish, and have only had one fatality so far.
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