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Pet Quarters-Bangor Maine

By Tim
I have nothing nice to say about Pet Quarters-Bangor, Maine. I have lost hundreds of dollars worth of plants and fish due to an ongoing and year-long battle with Pet Quarters. Every tank they have in the store is infected with a deadly hair algae. They still to this day sell infected plants and fish to every customer that makes an aquatic purchase. (But they will also happily sell you the antidote which didn't work in their aquariums either.)
After they said they would rectify the problem, I have received nothing but a runaround and lies. No returned phone calls from either the store or the district supervisor which had been promised.
I tried to obtain more infected plants and photographs from Pet Quarters to prove my claims, and was informed by the manager that he was enacting a NEW store policy; no photographs! I was then told to leave the premises, including the parking lot, or he would call the police.
I can't believe it is legal for a store to sell aquatic products infecfted with a dangerous and deadly algae to their customers, even after the problem was brought to the company's attention.

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