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Location: Everett, WA
Shop Address: 8701 Evergreen Way
Reviewed By: Chrissy
Overall: Very Good
Times Visited: Five to Ten Times
Freshwater Selection: Very Good
Saltwater Selection: Very Good
Stock Selection: Fair
Staff: Good
Prices: Fair
Comments: I don't often go to this store, if I feel like driving a ways I'd rather go to Denny's Pet World.
This store is a little odd. Its like a petstore and gift shop in one. There's kittens and windchimes, hamsters and candles. I skip past the tacky stuff and head for the fish room.
They have a very nice selection of New World Cichlids, an entire wall of tanks is primarily dedicated to various species. They usually have one or two tanks of mediocre looking Discus, some very nice Ram varieties, decent Angels, and lots of the larger and more aggressive species. Their selection of Rift Lake Cichlids is poor, most are simply labeled as 'Mixed Africans', basically you could buy the same thing from a chain store.
I like their community fish. They have some neat livebearers (like Koi Swordtails) and they offer full grown adults, not just tiny juvies. They have a pretty nice selection of Plecos and Catfish. They carry the usual Tetras but its dissapointing to see they stock dyed "Fruit Tetras" on a regular basis.
Their Betta selection is poor. The usually only have veiltails, only once did I see one low-quality and sickly looking doubletail. They usually mismark them and raise the price. For example, today there was a cream colored VT with some irregular red grizzle on the upper half of its body and some of its dorsal. They marked it as a cambodian and are charging like $6. Being a cambodian VT is nothing special to begain with but the fish wasn't even close to a cambodian. Betta cups look like they aren't cleaned as frequently as they should be, there is waste in them and many fish have fin rot. Female Bettas are kept in a community tank and I've never seen one I've wanted to buy (which is really saying something!). They do have some nice Gouramis, including cute little Sparkling Gouramis.
They usually have at least a few fish that I haven't seen before. They also usually have some nice large fish on hand; 12" Oscars, 20" Aros, 24" Shovelnose Cats and things like that.
Their plant selection is nice but some of it is pretty pricey.
Supplies, as with most independant stores, are not at the best price you can find.
Generally the fish department is pretty nice. Its clean and the employees seem to know what they are doing. Its not on a centralized filtration system and they are pretty good about holding a tank if it comes down with something.
I don't like how the store sells overpriced puppies and kittens. They usually have pups of a common breed and they charge $300-$800 a dog. Kittens are the same, today there were some Persians for $600. Even mixes/mutts go for hundreds of dollars there. Petstore puppies concern me and I would be 100x happier if they would just lend the space to a nearby adoption center and adopt animals out of the store.
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