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PetCo Lynnwood, WA

Shop Address: 2617 196th Street SW, #141
Date: September 2005
Reviewed By: Chrissy
Overall: Very Good
Times Visited: More Than Ten Visits
Freshwater Selection: Very Good
Saltwater Selection: Good
Stock Selection: Good
Staff: Very Good Prices: Good
This Petco is close to my house and I go there often. Its newer and nicer than the other Petcos in the area.
For one, they sell more saltwater supplies than the other stores, including corals and live rock. It seems really expensive but comming from someone that thinks $5 for a freshwater plant is crazy, thats not saying much.
Their supplies tend to be a dollar or two more expensive than Petsmart. Not really a big deal unless you're buying a lot.
This store gets more unusual fish than the other petstores in the area. They get random things like Gold Nugget Plecos and Knight Gobies in addition to the regular chain store Tetras, Livebearers, and Cories.
The staff isn't the friendliest but they seem to know more than other stores. Every time I go in there I seem to get the same lady and when I buy something she askes quite a few questions about tank size, if its cycled, and what the fish will be living with.
Unfortunately this Petco doesn't carry female Bettas like some of the other ones do. I've only seen VT males there and I have yet to come across something I really like.
All in all its a nice store.
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