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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Shop Address: West Edmonton Mall
Reviewed By: Catherine
August 2005
Overall Rating: Poor
Times Visited: More Than Ten Visits
Freshwater Selection: Fair
Saltwater Selection: Poor
Stock Selection: Poor
Stock Selection: Fair
Staff: Poor
Prices: Good
Comments: Everytime I go into the PetCetera in the Mall, my heart breaks. They are understaffed in a big way, and the staff that they do have (in the fish department, anyway) lack any semblance of knowledge about the aquarium hobby.
I have been given nothing but bad advice, from everyone I've ever spoken with. Store manager, Livestock Manager, Livestock employee, they're all the same. Examples, you say? "I'd suggest a goldfish for that 2 gallon tank you bought." "Well, bettas come from China and they live in this little puddles..." (Umm... they come from China?! That's why they're called Siamese Fighting Fish?)
The products that they sell are no better. In terms of quality, their store brand is ok, but the items themselves are often terrible. They push these little, tiny decorative "betta homes" that can't possibly hold more than 1 cup of water (and that's a generous estimate). They also push the dreaded "goldfish bowl."
To make matters worse, this store sells both freshwater and saltwater fish. Their freshwater tanks are always overstocked, they do not remove the corpses, and their fish that do live do not look healthy. Plus, the freshwater tanks are not covered, and they are usually mislabelled. ("Female bettas? Those look suspiciously like danios to me.") The saltwater tanks only hold 1 fish each, and at least they have the sense to remove those fish when they die. ("Look mommy! Why isn't that sea horse moving?")
The only redeeming quality about this store is that they do have a good selection of small tanks (2 - 5 gallons). But in my opinion, the negatives far outweigh this positive, and I almost never go into that store any more. The lack of knowledge, the poor products, and the deplorable conditions in which they keep their fish all make this a store to pass by. Which isn't hard, considering its out-of-the-way location. If you need to go to a pet store in the Mall, go to PJs.
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