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Ocean Floor - Phoenix, Arizona

Reviewed By: Saltwater Jay
Date Of Review: March/2006
Overall: Very Good
Times Visited: More Than Ten Visits
Freshwater Selection: Excellent
Saltwater Selection: Excellent
Stock Selection: Excellent
Staff: Very Good
Prices: Fair
Comments: I'd have to disagree with problems other individuals have had with customer service at Ocean Floor. I believe that Ocean Floor has a highly rated service and judged based on your wait times. I would much rather wait 30 - 40 minutes for someone with good knowledge in a specialty area, than go to Petco or Petsmart, where your going to be given information that is typically not correct, or not related to specialty tanks. I believe that if your visiting the Ocean Floor for purchasing or questions on specialty items suck as Reef tanks or larger swim tanks, your at the right place, but if your just interested in know if you can place a Beta in a tank full of tetras, then yes waiting 30 minutes for someone to help you could come across as poor customer service. Ocean Floor has always gone out of their way to answer my question, with detail and correctly, even if it meant browsing the store while I waited for someone to become available. I'm willing to pay higher prices to get better results, and not pay lower prices to get dead fish. Think of it as a return on an investment. I'd rather have expensive fish that swim, than cheaper fish, that die. I can highly recommend this store to anyone.
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