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Hoffer's Tropic Life Pets - Milwaukee, WI

Reviewed By: s
Date Of Review: May/2006
Overall: Fair
Times Visited: More Than Ten Visits
Freshwater Selection: Excellent
Saltwater Selection: Very Good
Stock Selection: Very Good
Staff: Fair
Prices: Fair
Comments: Beautiful store, but there are few really good staff members. I would never deal with anyone but Joe in the fishroom. He's passionate and knowlagable as well as friendly. other staff members not only make up answers or give bad (and sometimes very harmful advice) but are downright rude. Mike in the fish room was especially rude and acted as if he didn't care if someone baught something as long as they didn't bother him. They do have a great selection, but if you don't know what you're doing, don't come here. Also, they consistantly sell people pine bedding for almost all the small animals they sell, which causes very bad respiratory problems. I have also heard them tell people that rabbits don't need to be spayed or neutered and that they like hay "once and a while" (something that should be available at all times).
Their reptile staff is ok, if you can ever find them which is rare.
All in all, their tanks look well cared for but unless you get the right person at this shop, buyer beware! Also, be very cautious if you are buying saltwater sessile inverts, not everyone in the fish room knows how to handle these correctly. I acctually observed a girl training a new hire on how to "properly" handle them while almost killing the poor thing in the proccess. I come here to look, not to buy.
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