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Evolution of Pets - Edmonton

Shop Address: 15105 stony plain Rd
Shop Website:
Reviewed By: Ryan
Date Of Review: April/2006
Overall: Poor
Times Visited: Two to Four Times
Freshwater Selection: Fair
Saltwater Selection: Poor
Stock Selection: Poor
Staff: Poor
Prices: Fair
Comments: I've been to this place hearing it was a good pet store, this place is horrible, none of the animals are well attended too, I was in there for half an hour before anybody noticed I was there, the only staff member was in the back room not attending to the many animals that desperatly needed care. They had an over stocked koi tank, most of the tanks were almost empty, there was rotting food in most of the cages, the tanks were disgusting, a very bad selection of fish, the tanks were mislabled, it was hard to find anyhting you might want to buy. I was very concerned for the rest of the animals in the store, cats in cages covered in diarrhea, they don't beleive in ultra violet lighting for the reptiles which they keep an abundant supply of, most are very depressed and suffering from several different problems. The birds are malnurished, the cages are barely decorated, I can't beleive that they are allowed to operate under these conditions, they also were boarding two dogs in a cage too small for them to stand up in, I was deeply saddened by the conditions the animals were in, I will never buy anything from here!
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