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Charlie's Angels Pets Ralston, Nebraska

Reviewed By: K. Lukas
Date Of Review: March/2006
Overall: Poor
Times Visited: Five to Ten Times
Freshwater Selection: Fair
Saltwater Selection: No Saltwater Section
Stock Selection: Fair
Staff: Poor
Prices: Fair
Comments: I was not impressed with this store. Maybe 25% of the times that I have been there, the tanks were actually clean. Other times they were horrifying. Most of the tanks had more than one dead fish or diseased/unhealthy fish. The aisles were a mess, nothing was where (I guess) it should have gone, old retail stock, but the cat, dog, rodent, reptile, and bird sections were in top order. All other animals in the store looked in good to excellent health. If you are looking for large fish, they have them. The last time I was in there, they had dyed fish and a 2.5 feet long electric eel for sale in a tank that looked like it was maybe 20 gallons. I would not recommend this store to any one. The staff are uneducated about their aquatic stock and are not professional. The only reason that I have been there after the first visit is because they actually do have a few hard-to-find items.
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