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Big Al's

Edmonton, Canada
Overall: Poor
August 2005
Reviewed By: niome
Times Visited: Five to Ten Times
Freshwater Selection: Good
Saltwater Selection: Fair
Stock Selection: Good
Staff: Poor
Prices: Poor
Comments: While they do have good products and fish, they also are overpriced and have staff that don't pay attention to the tanks. I've complained numerous times about the condition of the bettas and have received the brush off with assinine reasons why the fish weren't sick. I've completely stopped going there and warn away any of my friends who are looking for stuff.
Added By: Catherine
Comments: I visited Big Al's once, and I won't be going back. They have a decent selection, but, as Niome pointed out, their staff doesn't care and they are expensive. It's not worth the 2 hr bus ride for me. It's certainly not the worst store in the city, but it's really not the best either.

Added By Jeff
Comments: I don't know where the prior 2 comments came from, my personal experience was great from my first visit to present. My entire family has been visiting and shopping at Big Al's for about 2 years now and I have never seen such clean tanks/aquariums, healthy fish and knowledgeable staff. I frequent most other pet stores in the West, South and Central Edmonton and I have never met staff as knowlegeable and honest as Big Al's (I did meet a manager at PetSmart in the West Edmonton that knew her stuff too). I must say that I was disgusted by PJ's Pets and Pet Cetera, there tanks are very dirty, fish are not well marked, dead fish are not removed and the stores are generally "gross". I now only shop at Big Al's

Name: Terri
Comments: Big Al's is much better priced than Aquarium Illusions and there tanks are well maintained. I enjoy shopping at Big Al's! Although the staff at Aquarium Illusions is somewhat more knowledgeable and more attentive to customers I find Big Als selection to be greater and more diverse.

Name: Fred
Comments: Found them to be clean and well stocked. Fish are usualy in good shape. Overcrowding is a usual thing for a place like this but in general tanks are kept in good shape. Staff is knowlegable and will help if you wait your turn.

Name: Ben
Comments: I have to agree with Jeff and Terri, I donít live in Edmonton but with I get to go to Big Alís I always find the tanks clean and the staff seem to be very knowledgeable and if they arenít they will always find someone else who can help you. I love shopping there and do not find it expensive at all, try paying rural pet shop prices once. All and all I with more stores were like them .

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