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Ruby Shark

Ruby Shark

By: Rainbow Shark
Common Name: Ruby Shark, Rainbow Shark, Red Finned Shark.
Latin Name: Epalzeorhynchos frenatum
Origin: Thialand
Temperature: 70-80°F (21-27°C)
Ease Of Keeping: medium
Aggressivness: medium
Lighting: normal
Adult Size: 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15cm)
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallon (120 liters)
Feeding: Bloodworms,Alge flakes, Some other flake foods
Spawning Method: unknown
Ruby sharks are very teritorial fish, they need a hiding spot or they might die of stress. Here are some things you could get for them, of course a fake or real plant, a rock, maybe a hollow hidding place like some drift wood or a tube. They may stay at the bottom for a long period of time motionless.
They often are nocturnal in my experience, well thats maybe because all of my fish are nocturnal. Ruby sharks dont like a lot of sunlight so only turn on the light during water changes.
Telling male from female. Often the males are much smaller, the females almost always look pregnant, they have big bellies and may turn towards a silver colour, boys, on the other hand are slim and have a black outlined anal fin.

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Comment : i have just bought my albino ruby shark today along with 4 albino frogs and 2 guppies and in my tank i have 1 red tail shark 5 black neon tetras 2 albino cory cats and 2 black mollies at the moment i have only got 1 cave and 2 plastic plants the red tail shark and the ruby shark get on really well and they take turns who goes in the cave but im gona buy another cave.
Posted by jorge on 2008-12-30
Comment : my sharks are pretty active, the albino in mine is quite teritorial he chases the other male and female around and also all my other fish but my plecs, angels and my silver shark. but they do add a good sense of natural order.
Posted by scott on 2006-09-23
Comment : I just got my male red-finned shark today. He seems quite active right now--need to get him some driftwood and/or caves. I got him along with a cory cat. They were tank mates at the pet store, so I assume they will be good together. Right now, they seem to take no notice of one another. Wish me we go!
Posted by Noob on 2006-09-11
Comment : I have both a Rainbow Shark and Albino Rainbow Shark in my community tank. They are very active YET peaceful and interesting to watch - During the day - With the lights ON. Forever looking for food, they even come to the surface at feeding time - the albino even takes flakes from my hand. I have NEVER seen them nip or fight. And they get on very well with my 2 Pakistani Loaches
Posted by guppyfan on 2006-08-05

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