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Blue Marron

By: nipper

Common  Name: Blue Marron
Latin  Name: cherax tenuimanus
Origin: origionally from Western Australia
Temperature: 15-22°C (59-72°F)
Ease  Of  Keeping: Medium
Aggressivness: highly agressive towards slow moving fish
Lighting: Primarily nocturnal, will come out in low to medium lighting.
Adult  Size: up to 30 cm, 1 foot
Minimum  Tank  Size: 20 gal is fine intill 8 inches, then a larger tank (55 gal) is needed
Feeding: Omnivorous, yabby pellets, small amounts of meat, plant material, carrot, cucumber.
Spawning  Method: sexual reproduction.
Ph of 7.2-8.5
dH 8-20


The males have a pair of nodules at the base of the 5th set of legs, and the females have flaps at the base of the 3rd set of legs. They are good escape artists and will use anything to get out of your tank.

When moulting, they will hide more often and will not eat. They can also lay on their backs and flick their tail, trying to kick themselves out of their old shell
Do not remove the old moulted shell from the tank; the Marron will eat it to strengthen its new shell.

To pick up the Marron, it has to be grabbed by the thorax, behind the head and claws, otherwise it will get you with its claws.

Will regrow lost limbs (claws, legs)

A longer day cycle and slightly raised temperature will induce breeding. Be warned, the 300 babies require accommodation away from mummy, she will eat them.

A Marron will need a home, a cave to hide in. I use a piece of black pollythene pipe buried under rocks at the back of my tank.

Lots of plant material. That way you only need to feed it 3 times a week.

Will attempt to move ‘upstream’, so outlets for filters should be Marron proof.

Big, big oxygen users. Produce a lot of CO2 for their size.

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