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Austin Aquariums

Austin Aquariums

Shop Name: Austin Aquariums
Location: Austin, TX
Shop Address: 7756 Northcross Dr Suite 111
Shop Website:
Reviewed By: Dalto
Date Of Review: September/2006
Overall: Fair
Times Visited: Five to Ten Times
Freshwater Selection: Very Good
Saltwater Selection: Good
Stock  Selection: Fair
Staff: Good
Prices: Poor
Comments: Austin Aquariums is a good sized specialty fish store with a good selection of marine and freshwater fish.  When you enter the store you are greeted with BIG tanks for sale and a fair selection of overpriced supplies.  To see the fish, you enter the darkened fish room where the presentation of the tanks is fairly attracted.  The tanks appear well maintained although it is not uncommon to see Ich in some of the tanks.   They have a reasonable selection of community fish, a small selection of new world cichlids and a good selection of Africans.  Although I am not a marine enthusiast they have a good variety of marine species as well.  The livestock prices are also quite high.  If the staff is knowledgeable, they don’t seem anxious to share that knowledge with me.  When I was considering getting a marine aquarium and I asked some questions about marine setups, they answered by trying to sell me on their marine classes.  Generally, I feel like their goal is to extract as much money from me as possible.  For this reason, I can’t recommend this store to aquarists of any level.

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Comment : This store is now closed.
Posted by saltwatergirl on 2007-12-01
Comment : Our store is geared towards high end salt aquariums but we have a good selection of all other types of fish as well. We sell many custom reef aquarium set ups and offer custom wood furniture. No one in town offers custom like we do and you can't find better service in any other fish shop.
Posted by Michael on 2007-01-30

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