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Managuense- Jaguar Cichlid

By: Micah (Zero)
Common Name: Managuense-  Jaguar Cichlid
Latin Name: Nandopsis managuense
Origin: Latin America
Temperature: 72-80 Degrees
Ease Of Keeping: Moderate
Aggressivness: Very Aggressive
Lighting: Dim - Moderately Bright
Adult Size: 10-14 Inches
Minimum Tank Size: 75 Galons
Feeding: High quality cichlid pellet or flake, krill, bloodworms, smaller fish, insects, beefheart, meaty foods.
Spawning Method: Egg Layer, Lays orange eggs on a flat rock.

While this cichlid is relatively calm, it does not like newcomers to its home. if added after other fish, otherwise known as lasty, it should be fine as long as it is introduced smaller.

If you start with this fish and allow it to establish the tank as its home, nbew comers will be persistantly chased until it is captured by the Managuense, and trust me, the fish will most likely not live. managuense have very large teeth good for biting and tearing.

Male Managuense are generally larger than the female, and tend to have a more violet hue or shine, where females most often have a silvery background colour.

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