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Sams Aquarium - Bergvliet, Cape Town

Sams Aquarium - Bergvliet, Cape Town

Location: Bergvliet, Cape Town, South Africa
Shop Address: Cnr Childrens Way and Dreyersdal Road
Reviewed By: Michelle du Toit
Date Of Review: September/2005
Overall: Good
Times Visited: More Than Ten Visits
Freshwater Selection: Very Good
Saltwater Selection: Good
Stock Selection: Excellent
Staff: Excellent
Prices: Good
Comments: Sams Aquarium seems to be THE supplier of aquariums, aquarium equipment and fish in the southern suburbs, and very possibly the Cape. Friendly knowledgeable staff who LIKE fish, regular imports, carefully sourcing, healthy tanks, and a willingness to custom make any tank.

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Comment : If you want to go and buy gold fish, then go to any petshop - On the other hand, I have discus fish - As a Person who knows about this fish, Its The 'King" and has taken over from the Angle fish - If you are able to write an e-mail on here then you are able to do a google search on ANY aquarium fish in the world _ SAMS AQUARIUM has a vast and very good quality of fish in his tanks. I need say no More, if you have enthusium like me for this hobby. Mabey what you "see' as selling 'you any thing a everything' Mabey its your 'wanting this and that - I clearly hold Sam in high regard to understanding fish and has an excerlent knowledge of Aquariums - Perioud, well need i say more he has been in the buisiness for over 50 years
Posted by Simon Aitken on 2008-11-30
Comment : I tried to purchase some small to medium sized angels from Sams not too long ago. When I enquired about the price I was horrified at what I was told. These tiny fish that would wouldnt sell for more than R20 anywhere else, were going for R55. When I asked Sam why the fish were so expensive he said it was because of the exchange rate. How stupid does this man think people are. Everyone knows these fish are locally bred. I have a message for Sam and family (Sweet Lake aquariums, Pet Adventure and Northern Aquatics) Stop ripping people off. Especially people with a love for the hobby. You are ruining the experience for everyone.
Posted by Marlon on 2008-07-30
Comment : We purchased a small starter tank at Sams just before Christmas,after endless trouble we realised that the tank supplied was not the same as the tank on display we had requested. On returning to Sams and telling Sam himself this-he basically ignored us and tried to sell us more equipment. We decided on buying a bigger tank and regarded his attitude as a once off. We purchased an extremely large tank said to include a filter worth R550 amongst other aspects.On set up we noticed the pump was smaller and I called Sams to enqiure regarding prices discovering he had switched the displayed pump to a cheaper and smaller brand.Am currently trying to correct this-but will never support them again as was definately not a once off occurance!
Posted by Robyn on 2008-03-14
Comment : Sam will take every advantage of you possible. I shop there regularly but am aware of this, he is a typical shop owner interested in the profit margin and sale and that is where it stops. Careful sourcing perhaps but not with regards to quality. Do not expect accurate advice on specialist subjects, and check the merchandise for out of date product well past it's sell by date. For a larger selection of fish at similar if not better prices, and less pushy staff try: Panorama Petshop 88 Wynne Street, Parrow. Tel 021 930 2609 or for the best advice form a truly knowledgeable man, and the best quality fish in the Cape try: Nick Hart, Hartlands Aquatics in Riebeeck Kasteel - 47 Main Road
Posted by Critic 2 on 2007-12-15
Comment : I also had an experience at Sams not to forget. The day I went shopping there Sam himself was not there. The staff were very helpfull, but as I bought 1 1m tank complete and another only the tank with some accesories, when I got home I realised I was charged double. The complete tank was supposed to come with gravl, pump, undergravel filter, canopy etc. I was charged for all of the above as well as the R350 all incl price. As I stay an more than an hours drive away I could not go back and argue my case as everything was set up and in use by the time I checked my slip. Please people if you buy there check everything and question everything. Although his prices are good be aware.
Posted by Elize on 2007-09-25
Comment : Not so sure I agree with the above. New to the hobby, and was clearly taken advantage of by Sam himself. Sold way WAY to much declorinator and food + a tank that was far too small for the fish i took home. A lot of "yes yes my friend that will be fine" which turned out more often than not, after a little research, to be not so fine after all. A warning to any others who want to buy there: do your research before, and dont get pushed into any sales without second opinion. Most of my friends have had similar experiences. Although the sales staff are very friendly, and the selection wide, the advice given to me on the more specialised fish has been far from correct, and in some cases (especially the puffers) complete rubbish.
Posted by critic on 2006-09-01

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