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Greentree Pet Center - Clarskville

Greentree Pet Center - Clarskville

Shop Address: Creentree Rdm
Reviewed By: Ben Wilmot
Date Of Review: October/2005
Overall: Excellent
Times Visited: More Than Ten Visits
Freshwater Selection: Very Good
Saltwater Selection: Very Good
Stock Selection: Excellent
Staff: Very Good
Prices: Good
Comments: A very excellent shop. I've been going there for about 26 years now.

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Comment : To coment on Mr Lewis's comments. Man is he off base. For one thing you should confirm any deal you make to start with. Next if you act like a dumbass its only fair you be treated like one and if you only spent several hundred bucks on a new reef tank you got away with a good deal. I've had nothing but good experiances and lots of help at their shop. So I'm sure they are also glad you take your buisness elsewhere.
Posted by mikecon812 on 2009-08-18
Comment : Be sure to confirm any kind of deal that you make with any of these guys because they will treat you like a dumbass if you just assume that these guys work as a team. I will take my business elswhere after spending several hundreds of dollars setting up a new reef tank. Thanks guy with the glasses! I appreciate you acting like a fucker in front of the other "team" members! Also thanks everybody else for you're 1.5 cents:)
Posted by Robert Lewis on 2008-11-28
Comment : My boyfriend is a loyal customer to this pet shop. They have highly trained indivudual who are very knowledgable about all the species they carry, especially saltwater fish and corals. They are clean and take very good care of the fish, reptiles and birds in their care.
Posted by J. Nehring on 2008-11-11
Comment : My parents shopped at this store, and now, as an adult, I shop there too. There is always a great selection at good prices. I do not think the animals are in bad shape or mistreated. I supply his guinea pigs, and I would not sell to him if I thought they would be mistreated.
Posted by Gwen Shultz on 2008-08-03
Comment : I will agree with the fellow whom claims the shop is unclean. The reptiles and other critters aren't well cared for. The environment in the 'room' they have all the pets in is all together in a closed in environment and all of the animals have to endure the smell or nasty urine their whole stay at the shop. They need more ventilation in that room for sure! Ugh! As for the claim of selling illegal native species-HEARSAY-until someone proves it otherwise!
Posted by Amanda R. on 2008-07-02
Comment : Whoever made the comment about selling native species illegally is mistaken. I have known the owner of this store for 40 years and have shopped there since he opened the shop. He is a law-abiding individual, who is above reproach as far as I am concerned. To print a statement like that without verifying it, especially an anonymous source, is totally unethical. Whoever made that statement should have the courage to at least sign their statement.
Posted by Walter T. Havens on 2008-04-13
Comment : I've been going to the shop for about 7 years i found them to have good prices on aquariums and other supplys but health of reptiles and some rodents to be very poor and cages to be unclean...this pet store has also been know to sell native speices illeagally.
Posted by ??? on 2007-10-18

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