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Whisper Power Filters

Whisper Power Filters

By: Daniel
I must say that my Whisper Power Filter is the best filter I have ever owned. I have had Aqua-Tech power filters before, but my Chinese algae eater kept getting into it. It had pulled a nemo:))(( The Tetra consumer help line is great, too. If you have a problem about your filter, you just call them or e-mail them and it is fixed. I emailed them with a complaint about my Whisper from Wally World (hehehe) It didn't have a flow control on the tube. They sent me a whole new tube. The water overflows from the Wonder Tube Chamber alot, which means that the Bio-Bag is full, you just rinse it off. It can last you up to a year. I will never go to another filter again. I will soon be upgrading to a model 20 (for 10-20 gallon tanks) because my ten gallon tank is overstocked. The whisper is by far the best filter ever!!!!:)))

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Comment : I have used other filters. I have used Penguin, Aqua-Tech, AquaClear, Emperor (the Emperor is second on my list), Wardley SandMan, Elite Hush, TetraTec (third on my list), Hydor, and I have even tried the HOT Magnum. None of them seem to me to be as good as my Whisper. As far as your Whisper 60 being noisy, mine was while it was new, but as a litte bit of gunk built up in the motor, it got silent. See if the lid is vibrating, call the company and tell them that it is loud. They will probably send you a new tube bag for free.
Posted by Daniel on 2007-08-28
Comment : Well if you've only used aqua tech and whisper filters please don't say that its by far the best since it's pretty much not. Whisper is usually at the bottom of the hob (hang on back) filter list and aquaclear and penguin/emperor are usually at the top. Whispers are pretty flimsy and their cartridges and biomedia suck lol. It's ok for beginners I guess.
Posted by Brian on 2007-04-29
Comment : we have a new Whisper 60 and I find it is very loud and can hear it in other rooms - even with doors closed. are there really any QUIET filters? Is there a way to buffer some of the noise? We have used this type for years and like the job it does. Have a 50 gallon tank but bought the 60 gallon filter.
Posted by marjoe on 2006-11-03

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