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PennPlax 700 Review

PennPlax 700 Review

By: Newbie Again
I kept a standard 29gal for many years in my early teens(15+ yrs) ago. Ounce I got into cars and girls(as most 16 yr old males do) I gave it up. Well I just started up a custom made 24"x20"x20" aquarium and am on a tight budget. I could find almost nothing on the the PennPlax external canisters but took the gamble because I could get the filter capacity and features of the cheapest model that was $20 more. One complaint I often read about Rena was noise. To get a Fluval that could handle more than 40 gal was a little pricey.
Here's my experience so far.
This thing is SILENT. I haven't made the door for the cabinent I built (yes, I finished all but that and wanted to get water in the tank). You have to sit on the floor in front of it to know its even running. Once the door is built tomorrow, I won't hear a thing. My only complaint is that I wish the hose couplings were a little sturdier or the system was altered for some type of quick couple setup. It also pulls a little more electricity than some of the others (25w rating on the motor), however, they rate this thing for tanks up to 60 gal, thats not too bad. I am having to slightly restrict the flow because its too strong for the types of fish (Platies and Mollies) that are in the tank at the moment.
Great buy so far!

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Comment : I had a Cascade 700 for just under 5 months. I got a real shock this last weekend when doing filter maintenance, the white rubber seal that goeas around the internal intake pipe was soft and wrinkled. I took it out and rubbed it with my finger and a whole bunch of white sticky rubber came off on my finger. Man I was shocked, I kept thinking I was real lucky that stuff didn't have time to poison my fish. Initially I tried rubbing the stuff off my fingers in some hot water, it kinda came off and it also left a shiny residue on the water surface. Anyway, you get the picture. I put the filter back together without the seal until I could get to my LFS to get a replacement filter (I went with a Tetratech 700). Not only is it quieter, easier to startup, and have tons of baskets and room for filter media, most importantly it has no darn rubber seals...
Posted by Simon the Sorceror on 2007-02-21
Comment : I bought Cascade-700 for my 36 gallon aquarium. It is exceptionally quite. Works great. There was one defective part (valve) though, but Penn-Plax replaced it in now time. No hassle, no questions asked. There are handful companies out there that would produce products with the same quality and provide real warranty (no cost to the consumer). All we hear now days is ?Limited Life Time? baloney? Cascade is cheaper than most of the same type of filters ? and I like that. Highly recommend this product to everyone!
Posted by Anton on 2006-10-07

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