Marineland H.O.T. Bio-PRO System

Marineland H.O.T. Bio-PRO System

By: E. Hoard
I purchased the Marineland HOT Bio-PRO system and put in on my 29G tank. Some of the filters highlights are a bio-wheel, carbon/media canister, micron filter cartridge and a gravel washer.
The installation was straight forward and took only a couple of minutes. The instructions are clear and concise.
Once installed and running I noticed the filter is super quiet. Once the filter purges and air in the system (which only takes a few seconds) I can't hear the filter at all.
The filter is easy to remove and clean.
The gravel washer attachment is great. It comes with an adapter to hook it to the filter. You install the micron cartridge and the filter draws the dirt up from the gravel. You can really take your time washing the gravel since you are not loosing any water during this process. Once completed you can install the gravel washer hose on the outlet side of the filter to pump the aquarium water out so you can do your water change without using a siphon hose. The filter has an on & off switch which makes this easy.
The price, ease of use, and the included features make this filter a must have.

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