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Keyhole Cichlid

By: Rachel Woll

Keyhole Cichlids © Rachel Woll
Latin Name : Cleithracara maronii
Origin : South America
Temperature : 75-81°F (24-27°C)
Ease Of Keeping : Moderate to Easy
Agressivness : Peaceful
Size : up to 10cm (4 inches)
Food : Like many cichlids Keyholes like variety. They will accept flakes, krill, bloodworms and many other aquarium foods.
Spawning Method :Open spawner. Keyholes have been said to spawn on rocks, slate, but more commonly in appropriatly sized clay flowerpots

Keyhole Cichlid displaying the fright or excited coloration. © Rachel Woll
Comments: A very shy, peaceful cichlid characterized by a keyhole shaped marking on its flank (which sometimes appears as only a black dot) and a black stripe through the eye.
They like warm, slightly soft to slightly basic water.
Keyholes make an excellent community tank fish.
Avoid over agressive tankmates. Keyholes do well with small Tetras.
Thier personalities develop after being accustomed to thier new home, but they remain easily scared.
Take caution during water changes not to stress them out. When they are stressed they will turn a mottled brown color.

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