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Julidochromis Regani Kipili

By Derreck Friday

Female Julidochromis Regani Kipili
© Derreck Friday
Latin: Julidochromis Regani Kipili
Origin: Tanzania, Lake Tanganyika, East Africa
Temperature: 72-78
Aggressivness: Not very agressive will hold its territory
Size: 2.5 - 5 inches (5 -12.5 cm)
Tank Size: 15 Gallons
Food: Will eat flakes, frozen foods, or live foods.
Spawning: Very Easy Egg Layer, Breeds in caves.
Sexing: Males are much smaller than females.
This is the most beautiful of the Julidechromis genus.
It is said that Julies will starve themselves to death if there is no cover or a clear cover(plexi glass).
I have a clear cover and my Julies seem to do fine.

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