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Blue Gularis

Blue Gularis

By Clint Norwood

A young male Blue Gularis, his real coloration is much brighter
and more vivid than this picture can show.
© Clint Norwood
Latin Name: Fundulopanchax sjoestedti
Origin: Cameroon, Africa
Temp: 68 - 77°F (20 - 25°C)
pH: 6 - 7.5 dH: Soft
Temperament: Agressive
Adult Size: Up to 5 inches (12.5 cm)
Minimum Tank Size: 5 gallons for a pair minimum, bigger is better.
Feeding: Best results with live foods such as earthworms or blackworms, but they will accept frozen and flake food.

© Clint Norwood
Breeding: A Switch Spawning Killifish, with about a 6 week incubation period in water or moist peat. In my experience they have a much better hatch rate using the soil spawning method.
Comments: The Blue Gularis is the "King of the Killifish". The American Killifish Association uses the Blue Gularis as their club emblem. Being one of the largest and most beatiful killies the Blue Gularis is a very popular fish among killifish fans.
Since they are large fish they have a tremendous appetite, feeding a horde of Blue Gularis fry is akin to feeding a room full of teenage boys. The fry grow fast and the males soon start fighting. Its almost impossible to keep 2 males in the same tank.
A pair of Blue Gularis, female in front. © CompletePondCare

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