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Borneo Sucker or Hillstream Loach

Borneo Sucker or Hillstream Loach

By : anonymous
Common Name: Borneo Sucker or Hillstream Loach

Borneo Sucker © anomynous
Latin Name: Beaufortia Kweichowensis
Origin: Hong Kong
Temperature : 72-79°F - 22-26°C
Ease Of Keeping: Medium
Aggressivness: Very peaceful
Adult Size: 3¼ inches - 8cm
Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons
Feeding: Omnivore
Spawning Method: Unknown
Comments: This fish is a bottom feeder and scavenger. It is very sensitive to nitrates and nitrites in the water. The pH is not very important, but around neutral is best. Provide plenty of hiding places as this fish is shy. Be sure it gets its share of food. Pellets and bottom sinking foods are the best. Mine eats some algae but do not buy this fish to clean up algae. It can also be kept in a cool water aquarium.

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Comment : Li'l correction for the origin of this small and cute fish. Based on its common name 'Borneo' is the name of one big island in Indonesia, its also called as Kalimantan. Borneo island is the only place on earth where you can find this Gastromyzon sp. Another common names are Stingray pleco, Hongkong pleco, Chinese Butterfly Fish, Butterfly Pleco, Butterfly Loach.
Posted by Eko S Siswoyo on 2008-05-29

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