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We Have Closed The Forum

Due to the increased server costs for running a forum we have decided to close the forum at PetFish.Net
All the articles and other content will remain.
Social media has made forums such as ours a thing of the past. We hope to have an increased presence at FaceBook and Reddit.

Here are personal comments from PetFish.Net's owners:

Hey folks! I want to thank all the members who have posted, shared stories, articles and photos over the years. It's been great to meet so many fellow hobbyists.
Sadly, our time has come to an end. Please feel free to find our page on Facebook to keep in touch. I have deactivated my page for a few days while I sort through some personal stuff out of town, but I'll have Mollielover post the link to the official page.

Feel free to keep in touch over there!

Best regards to all of you!


Here is our official link to our facebook page,

There is a facebook link at the top of all of the petfish pages, so you know where to find us!

It was a good run but social media looks like the way to go. See you there!


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