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A Series By Nessa

Honey Blue Eye - Pseudomugil mellis

Male Honey Blue Eye
Common name
Honey Blue eye
Pseudomugilidae (also sub family)
Tin Can Bay , south or Beerwah Queensland , Australia
Environment and salinity
Fresh water that is soft and highly acid (pH 6.0-6.5) in a densely planted environment. Can adapt to various water conditions.
Both sexes are a honey colour (male brighter) with black and white tipped fins.
Adult size
1 (3cms)
Preferred tank size
At least a 24 tank for a school
Preferred food
Live foods preferable, but can be weaned to prepared foods over a few weeks.
Males are much more colourful and brighter and have longer finnage.
Social Behaviour
A peaceful schooling fish that does best in a species only tank.
Not spawned in aquaria. Has been noted that these fish are continuous spawners.
Additional information
This fish is listed on the endangered species list.

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